When I Grow Up 

When I grow up …

I can be anything I want 

as long as I am confident. 
When I grow up …

I will dream big

and score a cool gig.  
When I grow up …

What should I be? 

We’ll have to what and see! 
 Maybe one day I will grow up to be: 

A is for artist 

B is for biologist 

C is for carpenter 

D is for doctor 

E is for engineer 

F is for firefighter 

G is for general manager at a restaurant 

H is for hat maker 

I is for information technology specialist

J is for judge  

K is for knitter 

L is for lawyer 

M is for musician    

N is for nurse

O is for occupational therapist

P is for President of the United States

Q is for queen 

R is for real estate agent

S is for ski instructor 

T is for teacher 

U is for umpire

V is for veterinarian 

W is for writer 

X is for x-ray technician 

Y is for youth librarian 

Z is for zoo keeper 


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