Peanut and the Contest

Peanut is a weightlifter.

He is also an Iguana.

He likes to go to the gym

because he likes the sauna.


Peanut likes to run on the treadmill.

But he also wants big muscles.

He learns to lift weights.

He works hard and hustles.


Peanut’s trainer mentions a contest.

It is for lifting weights.

You can win a big medal,

and be on a list of the greats.


Peanut wants to enter the contest.

But his friend tease him.

“You just started working out.

You can’t enter on a whim.”


Peanut works even harder.

He goes to the gym every day.

He trains with his trainer.

But he still makes time to play.


Finally comes contest day.

Peanut lifts lots of weight.

He wins a gold medal

and is the best in his state.


Peanut worked very hard

and he did his best.

He is happy and grateful.

He feels very blessed.


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