Bath Time with Benny

Meet Benny!


Benny is a Hippopotamus.

He was outside today.

He ran in the river.

He played in the hay.


Benny rolled around in mud.

He ate lots of juicy fruits.

Now he is very dirty.

To the bathroom he scoots.


Benny must take a bath.

He collects toys from his room.

He turns on the faucet.

It pours like a waterfall – Zoom!


Benny pours bubble bath.

The big bubbles he pops.

He gets his ducky float.

Onto the step-ladder he hops.


Benny put his soap on the edge.

He floats toys in the tub.

He steps into the warm water.

It is now time to scrub.


Benny get goose bumps.

He wonders why they are called that.

He settles into the tub.

He sits on a bumpy mat.


Benny lathers shampoo in his hands.

He washes his head.

He splashes the water.

“Oh what fun,” he says.


Benny has a rubber dolphin.

The dolphin can float and goes “Click. Click.”

His Mom hands him a sponge.

She looks at her watch – Tick. Tick.


Benny uses soap to wash away all the dirt.

He scrubs both his feet.

He rubs his arms and legs.

He is looking pretty neat.


Benny almost forget to clean his ears.

That would have been so silly.

Now it is time to rinse off.

The water is getting chilly.


“Time to get out!” calls his Mom.

Benny wraps himself in a fluffy towel.

His Mom moves it back and forth – swish!

It tickles and he lets out a howl.


Benny leans over towards the sink.

His pajamas are hanging on the rack.

He puts the pants on one leg at a time.

He places the shirt on his back.


Benny brushes his teeth.

He is ready for bed.

The moon and stars are out.

And dreams will fill his head.


Goodnight Benny!


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