Liam’s Travel Diary

There once was a giraffe named Liam who was on his winter break.

He was traveling to the capitol and hoped to buy a nice keepsake.


He wanted to visit Washington DC because this weekend was President’s Day.

He knew there were many things to see and hoped he’d also have time to play.


In February, we honor the first President, George Washington, on his birthday.

Lincoln was also born this month, and we remember all the Presidents along the way.


First up was The National Mall. “But I don’t want to shop,” whined the giraffe.

“No, it’s a National Park with landmarks,” his mom hugged him and she laughed.


The Washington Monument was very tall, thought Liam, even taller than his Dad.

It is white and pointy with four sides, and Liam made an entry in his notepad.


“This is called an obelisk,” said Liam’s Dad. “It is a stone pillar with a pyramid at top.”

It honors Washington, born February 22, 1732 – Liam was taught by his pop.


Liam spotted the Lincoln Monument and inside was a statue of President number sixteen.

When it was all lit up, Liam believed it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.


His Mom also told him, in this very spot, is where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his speech.

It was very famous and took place in 1963 – “I have a Dream” Doctor King would preach.


The Thomas Jefferson Memorial was the last monument on Liam’s list.

He was excited to see this landmark, as it was one not to be missed.


Jefferson was an American Founding Father who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

The statue was near the Potomac River and lots of tourists were in attendance.


The next day they went to the Museum of Natural History where Liam saw dinosaur bones.

There were gems, minerals, live butterflies, and little bugs that lived under stones.


Liam was excited for the Air and Space Museum where he got to make a cool paper airplane.

He took more notes to share with his friends – there were so many facts in his brain!


Liam’s Mom enjoys strolling in gardens, so to the US Botanic Garden they went.

They saw roses, orchids and cacti – so much time with these plants they spent.


Liam and his family were glad to visit the capitol for President’s Day winter break.

He could not wait to come back, but home he’d be when next he would wake.


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