Valentine’s Day at Foxy’s Bakery

There once was a baker named Foxy

who enjoyed cakes, pastries, and sweets.

She was busy preparing for Valentine’s Day

when everyone ordered lots of treats.


She pre-heated her oven

to three-seventy-five.

She had a busy day ahead

and hoped she would survive.


First on her list were vanilla cupcakes

with delicious chocolate frosting.

She took out the flour, eggs, and butter.

Boy, stirring the batter was exhausting!


Foxy added sugar, vanilla and milk.

After mixing her ingredients more,

she took out her tins and filled them high.

Ooops – some batter fell on the floor!


While her cupcakes baked to perfection,

Foxy combined sugar, chocolate, cream, and butter.

She remembered, “Keep your work surface clean.”

So Foxy removed all the extra clutter.


She knew people loved cookies,

and wanted ones that would be a hit.

Though she was very tired already,

she knew this was not the time to quit.

Foxy opened her giant spice cabinet

to grab ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

“These cookies will be so good,” she said,

“People will buy them in droves.”


Last but not least, Foxy needed some pies

and Maine blueberries were just the answer.

With the wild berries and fresh lemon juice

this pie would be a great flavor enhancer!


Foxy’s best friend, Milo arrived

when in the sky there was no sun.

He was there to help her,

but her day was almost done.


“You’re a little late to help clean.”

Foxy said, “But you can help taste test.”

Milo was so excited, he wagged his tail.

All these treats were the very best.


Foxy giggled and knew she was set.

All her customers would be thrilled!

On this special Valentine’s Day,

their stomachs would be so filled.




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