Little Fred’s Day at the Beach

There once was a Caterpillar

whose name was Little Fred.

He had gotten a very bad cold,

And was lying sick in bed.


Little Fred spent his time reading several books

from his Grandma’s many shelves.

He loved the ones with photos and adventures,

and he often pictured it could be themselves.


“Hmm,” Little Fred thought out loud one day,

“An adventure would be nice as soon as I feel better.”

“When you have healed, pick an adventure” said Grandma.

“But for now let’s bundle you up in this sweater.”


“A day at the beach is exactly what I want,”

exclaimed Little Fred from his little bed.

“Then we shall pack our bags soon,

and we will have such fun,” Grandma said.


There was a lot to prepare for his special vacation.

Little Fred packed his brand new suitcase

full of sunscreen, towels, juice, and toys.

It was so stuffed – there wasn’t any more space!


They chose a nice sandy beach

with waves that were very high.

Grandma set up his towel in a shady spot,

while the sun was large in the sky.


He had never been to the beach before,

and was excited to explore new things.

Little Fred saw seashells, crabs, and palm trees!

Above there were kites and birds with long wings.


Down near the waves, he spotted slimy seaweed,

and on a stroll along the beautiful beach

he collected colorful shells and small pebbles.

He even saw the pit from a peach!


Out in the water, he saw others surfing.

“It looks like such fun!” Little Fred thought.

There were also sail boats and jet skis.

He wished one of those he had brought.


Little Fred wasn’t sure if it would be cold,

so he tested out the ocean water.

It was very fun to splash around,

he just wished it was a tad bit hotter.


Many children had shovels and pails,

and they built tall castles of sand.

Others sunbathed or hid under umbrellas,

and many old ladies made sure to stay fanned.


Back at their towels his Grandma asked,

“Little Fred, did you have a fun beach day?”

“It was the best ever and the most fun!

I’m so happy but know we must be on our way.”


Grandma and Little Fred headed back to their home

where she tucked in him into his little bed.

“For our next vacation,” Fred asked,

“Can we go to Alaska on a dog sled?”


“Mmmm… perhaps,” Grandma thought.

“But for now, close your eyes.

Get some sleep and rest up,

and dream about today’s sunny skies.”




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