Bear’s Trip to Space

There once was a Bear

who would gaze at the stars each night.

He longed to explore the universe,

and hoped that one day he might.


Then one evening, as the moon shined above,

Bear got an idea in his head!

“I can make my own rocket ship,”

he excitedly said.


He rushed to the garage

with tool set in tow.

This would not be an easy task,

but he hoped progress would not be slow.


He collected scrap metal, big bolts, and little screws.

With hammer in hand and safety goggles in place,

he wiggled, he swung, and he banged.

“This idea surely will be grand!”


“Growl! Growl!” roared Bear,

as sometimes he was stumped.

He frequently reviewed his blue prints,

but his determination never slumped.


His friends joined Bear daily

to watch the creation he would build.

He was getting closer to a finished product,

and everyone was thrilled!


Bear promised to take his friends on future trips

to explore the great world above.

None of them had before traveled,

and they knew there was much out there to love.


“What do you think you will see?”

asked Mouse, his little friend.

“The sun and the moon,” he answered.

“And clouds and stars around every bend!”


He made the metal body sleek,

and the round windows glow.

It was a strong and powerful machine,

and it was almost ready for the big show!


His rocket was bright, shiny and new.

He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Bear tried on his new space helmet,

and laughed that it looked like a disguise.


Then one day, the ship was complete,

and Bear put away all of his tools.

He packed snacks, water, and fuel.

Now he just needed to set up a few ground rules.


For his first trip into outer space,

Bear decided he should fly solo.

But that night, little did he know,

his friend Mouse was in tow.


With a whirl of the engine, he prepared for takeoff.

Bear’s new rocket blasted into space!

“Wheeeeeee,” it indeed went fast

so Bear was sure to keep pace.


He quickly approached Mercury and Venus,

after exploring our bright and warm sun.

Bear then zoomed past the red sphere,

where he hoped to see Martians, however there were none.


He identified Jupiter which was quite large,

and admired Saturn’s system of rings.

Uranus and Neptune were last on the list,

right as a comet flew past his side wings!


There were red giants and many asteroids,

and of course, the brilliant Milky Way!

But the sun was preparing to rise near Earth,

and his descent home, he could no longer delay.


He landed his rocket in the back yard,

and was surprised to see his little friend dismount.

“I am sorry I stowed away,” she said.

“I wanted to see how many stars I might possibly count.”


Bear giggled and Mouse shyly said,

“Thank you, Bear. I like your rocket ship.”

Bear agreed it was fun and they would do it again.

They enjoyed the scenery and going… Zip! Zip! Zip!




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