Penelope’s Dreams Come True

There once was an Armadillo

who wanted to dance.

But her friends told Penelope

she did not stand a chance.


“Your shell is too hard,”

all the armadillos would say.

“And your legs are too stumpy!”

But every night she would pray.


Inside Penelope was a softie,

though her shell was so hard.

Her feelings still could be hurt,

so she put up her guard.


Her mother, so kind, would always say,

“Keep practicing and your dreams will come true.”

Her father then added, “And never give up!”

Her parents were right, this Penelope knew.


While the other kids swam all day at the lake,

Penelope tied on her slippers to practice at home.

She created an audience with all her toys,

and the special guest – her granny’s garden gnome!


She dreamed of a pink tutu

with a wand and gold crown.

In her pretty soft slippers,

she hoped to be the talk of the town.


She would point, plié, and pirouette

until the moon rose and nighttime fell.

“Penelope! Time for dinner,”

her mother would yell.


For months and months, she prepared,

even sewing herself a dress that was pink.

She crafted beautiful accessories –

grand enough for the show, one would think.


After all her hard work,

she was ready for a big day on stage.

Penelope scheduled the theatre and date,

welcoming animals of any age.


The audience was full of family and friends.

Penelope was ready for her big night!

She danced onto the stage

as the lights became bright.


The audience members cheered,

even the ones that had teased.

Penelope took her bow,

and she was so very pleased.



Afterwards the other armadillos would say,

“Penelope, you are amazing!”

They hurried around her with flowers,

and they all just kept praising.


They wished they could dance like Penelope.

Would she be willing to teach?

They would put in all the practice time,

and hope success they would reach.


Penelope didn’t give up on her dreams,

and she continues to dance.

She is proud of all her hard work,

and happy she did not give up this chance.




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